Audiovile: The Expanded Digital Edition

by Michael Arnzen

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arnzen This is my 'go to'. Favorite track: Psycho Hunter [The Plaid Flannel Mix].
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    Audiovile was originally released as a CD in 2007 by Raw Dog Screaming Press, breaking new ground in spoken word horror.
    This newly "Expanded Digital Edition" includes high quality digital versions of all the tracks, and then DOUBLES the size of the original release, featuring EXCLUSIVE performances which were not included with original 16-track CD, most appearing here for the first time. And if you purchase the full album, you get access to BONUS FEATURES: an ebook companion with stories & related articles; printable CD inserts; a photograph gallery; the "Brain Candy" music video (animated by Jennifer Barnes); and a secret bonus audio track to add to your collection!

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Audiovile is Michael Arnzen at his weirdest and, well, most vile. Known for his entertaining and over-the-top readings of horror fiction, he now takes it one step further with the addition of some musical madness. This is not so much an audiobook as it is an album of flash fiction, a truly unique spoken word experience. Most of the 16 tracks are taken from Arnzen's ground-breaking short story collection, 100 Jolts, but many more surprises await!

The CD was originally released in 2007 by Raw Dog Screaming Press. This new digital expanded edition not only features high quality master versions of all 16 originals, but doubles the CD in size, featuring rare early demos, remixes, alternative takes, and live renditions never heard before! If you purchase the full album, you also get a bevy of BONUS features: documents, ebooks, photos and more, making for a fully immersive experience of this horrifying, hilarious, one-of-a-kind album.


"Pure genius...with more than enough laugh-out-loud, make you cringe moments to recommend it." -- Horror World

"This collection of recordings will disturb and entertain you...there’s also a lot of simple, weird fun to be had and the musicianship displayed throughout is flawless. A genuine one-of-kind recording.” — Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Prodigal Blues

“Mike Arnzen’s horror microfiction is some of the best there is -- clever, wicked and visceral. As great as his stories are on the page, though, you haven’t experienced them until you’ve heard them in the voice of the author....Audiovile is an aural landscape of terror like nothing you’ve heard before. Don’t miss this.” — MicroHorror

“16 tracks of brain damaging terror that will have you alternately cackling and gasping. The brilliance of these tales is amplified by Arnzen’s pitch perfect delivery..." — Fearzone

“Audiovile has a very unique style, like something from a David Lynch film. It’s deep, grabs you by the ears and refuses to let go.” — Zombie Mall

“Rather than coming off as simple readings, many of the tracks seem closer to songs or poetry… Arnzen has a voice that’s well-suited for telling offbeat stories, both in terms of tone and his ability to adopt different styles of delivery depending on the track…” — Gravediggers Local 16

“…a performance-art piece of manic Beatnik horror. Arnzen assumes a frenzied persona that blends elements of Alan Ginsberg, Henry Rollins, and Patrick Bateman to deliver simultaneously horrifying and humorous short stories. His performances are supported by strange and atmospheric music that ranges across styles, evoking early punk for one track only to move into ’80s Euro-horror soundtrack for the next and so on.” — Jack Haringa, Dead Reckonings


released August 1, 2016

Writer, Vocals, Music, Editing – Michael A. Arnzen (tracks: All)
"Dreamachinery" & "Dream Jam": Banjo by Jason Jack Miller
"Donation" & "The Donation Solo": Lead Guitar by Mark Meritt

Tracks 1-16 originally published by Raw Dog Screaming Press as "Audiovile: 16 Shocking Stories":

CD Cover art by Matt Sesow:

This digital edition is brought to you by Mastication Publications

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all rights reserved


Michael Arnzen Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Winner of four Bram Stoker Awards in horror fiction & poetry.

"Arnzen doesn’t just read or recite his stories; he shouts, snarls, whispers and groans his way through (and) adds music to the mix to create an aural landscape of terror like nothing you’ve heard before. Don’t miss this.” --

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Track Name: Psycho Hunter
He’s a madman in plaid flannel.
They say he roams the forest,
bearded like Sasquatch,
still wearing his reflective safety vest and camouflaged cap.
They say you can recognize him
from the blood splatter on the plastic.

He moves from kill to kill,
feeding off the men he slays
and stealing their ammo for the next time.
The cops hunt the hunter,
but all they find are body parts
strewn in his wake.

Sometimes limbs smoldering in campfires.
Other times, heads
with gnawed necks
lopsided on the ground
with hollowed out holes
where he sucked the eyes
and tongue meat right out.

He’s a madman in plaid flannel.

During their nightly camps,
the posse trades rumors
about what might have
triggered the psycho hunter’s madness.
One sheriff speculates
that the crazy man plumb forgot
to bring his brain medication
with him to the woods—that simple.
Another ponders whether
he might be possessed by Indian spirits.
Another thinks
he’s the bastard son of the Son of Sam.
But I know the truth:
a bullet grazed his skull
and that was all it took
to set this guy off.

He’s a madman in plaid flannel.

And I know that as he tears through the flesh
of all these woodland campers,
the only thing he’s hunting for is me.
For revenge.
They say it’s not good sport to shoot a wounded animal,
unless you’re putting it out of its misery.
So I can’t wait until we find him.

He’s a madman in plaid flannel.
They say he roams the forest,
bearded like Sasquatch,
still wearing his reflective safety vest and camouflaged cap.
They say you can recognize him from the blood splatter on the plastic.

He’s a madman in plaid flannel.
Track Name: Why Zombies Lumber
There's a reason why zombies
drag their feet and it's not just
because they're dead and aimless.
It's not because they're still somewhat
human and want to give us a fighting
chance, or because they're low on food,
though they certainly are tired. The truth
is that brains don't matter that much—
they all taste the same and, like monkeys,
zombies know it's not worth all that effort
to crack the hairy coconut shells
for only so much magic milk.
They lumber and lunge like sleepwalkers
because they really just want to go back to bed
and let the worms do all the work.
The hunger breaks their slumber,
but it's not for the brains of the living they lumber.
They really just crave their dreams.
Track Name: A Donation
This is my donation. To science.

I want to soak in formaldehyde for a few years.
I want to be cut up by practicing doctors,
then re-stitched and readied for the next class.
I want to be probed and poked and pointed at.
I want to be preserved.

I'm donating my body to science.
Why be buried or burned? Why frozen?
I want my organs exposed.

And I want to be able to feel it.
I want to be conscious
when they lower me into the preservative tank.
I want to feel fluids,
rushing into my eyes and ears and orifices.
I want to feel them coursing down my throat.
I want to feel it ballooning up my stomach and lungs.
I want to feel full of eternal life.

And you can feel me too. Forever.

I'm donating my body to science.
Why be thrown into a tomb
or shoved in an urn?
I don't want to be put in a vault
or buried at sea.
I want my organs exposed.

And I want to teach people a lesson.
With my smell.

I want to show people the real me.
I want them to get their hands wet
when they dig inside me.
I want to make people to laugh.
I want to make them gag.
I want to give people to have nightmares.

And I want people to be jealous.
I want them to wonder where the hell I am right now.
And I want to see the looks on their faces
when my skin is peeled back.

I want people to see me for what I really am.
I want people to see what they really are, and can be.
And I want to live on and on.
On and on --
groping inside of them --
on and on --
just like they grope inside of me,

This is my living dead will.